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An Overlooked Community

Who is this community?
This is a community consisting of the significant others and caregivers to those who are victims of mental illness.
What is a significant other or caregiver?
A typical significant other or caregiver is a close friend, a spouse, a child, a parent, a sibling, an aunt or an uncle. If you are living life with someone and he/she is significantly influenced by your relationship, you qualify as a significant other or caregiver to this person. 
Why are you describing them as “overlooked”?
The significant other/caregiver is very important in the life of one who is the victim of a mental illness. However, as a whole, as a community, they are often overlooked in terms of being provided with information, resources and support. They are often overlooked by the larger mental health community (therapists, doctors, counselors, pharmacists, the medical community and some friends and family members of the one who is suffering from these mental health maladies). The role that the significant other/caregiver plays is not adequately recognized and appreciated.  
Why is the topic of this “overlooked community” important? 
Being significant in the life of someone who is burdened with a mental illness is a big responsibility that can be very difficult. As the significant other/caregiver, you are sometimes one of the only resources that the one suffering from mental illness has. Many significant others/caregivers are not professionally trained to deal with the issues that this relationship presents. Significant others can feel ill-equipped, frustrated, lack resources and need support and encouragement
What can be done?
Cornerstone Lifeworks is offering a new program to address the matters that we have been talking about, meeting the needs of the significant other/caregiver to those burdened with mental illness. We offer group therapy sessions to facilitate this needy community.
If the significant other/caregiver is not burdened with mental illness, why do they need therapy?
The unique pressures and responsibilities that are part of such a relationship can create a number of conditions in the significant other/caregiver that wouldn’t exist otherwise, conditions such as depression, anxiety and trauma. These conditions can be debilitating. It’s the same principle as being instructed by a stewardess on a plane to put your oxygen mask on first so that you can help others. 
Will you be conducting this group?
Gary Echols MA LMHC is a seasoned clinician at Cornerstone Lifeworks.
What are his qualifications?
He is a licensed Mental Health Therapist with a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling and a degree in Pastoral Counseling.  His greatest qualification is that of being a member of this community for almost 30 years. 

If you are a significant other/caregiver who is depressed or anxious and feel the need for the services described above, Call Cornerstone Lifeworks at 505.345.2778 and the front office staff will take good care of you. You can discuss costs and scheduling and get all of your questions answered.

Postpardum Support

We are currently in the developmental stages at Cornerstone with one of our highly qualified and passionate team members to find the best time to begin this group for new mothers and their babies to receive the support they need during this time of adjustment in their lives.

To Be Determined

Our group of advisors and community leaders affliated with Cornerstone, are continually in collaboration to see how best to meet the needs of individuals within our community. Coming Soon!! Check with us to see what we are working towards.