Romans 5: 1-11

One of my passions is guiding children, teens, and their caregivers through various stages of life. Parents, you might find yourself suffering in silence because you might believe that you’re the only family that has been in your situation. We often choose to believe that our family secrets should stay within the family. Family is so important AND it is an act of bravery to seek guidance outside of your circle. 

To any teens or young adults that may be reading this, I have been in your shoes. Our experiences will have differences, but we have common ground in knowing what it is to suffer and struggle through life. Let’s be honest, sometimes we need someone who is neutral to talk things through with. Yes, someone other than our parents or family members and that is OK. 

I have found that being a therapist who strives to do the will of God has given me a unique, sacred responsibility. I have the responsibility of using evidenced-based approaches such as Attachment Theory and most importantly the responsibility of making sure my practice is in line with God’s will. I am still growing in my relationship with God, and I would be happy to continue to grow alongside of you and your family. Let’s talk soon! 

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Chelsea Nichols

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