Rosalie Jordan

Rosalie Jordan has been in her field over 40 years with the last 25 years focused in counseling, in private practice, in Albuquerque. She started working as a Registered Nurse and moved into Public Health Nursing, Mental Health Counseling in treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism. During this time she presented workshops locally and nationally covering a wide range of topics. She has packaged over 35 “How To” workshops for individuals and couples on steps for personal growth. Rosalie has developed special interest in working with couples and families that are in crisis. In the initial sessions an extensive interview is conducted to help the couple or family arrive at identifying and defining the problems and formulating a plan of action. Support is provided to help individuals look at their contribution to the problem. Regular assignments are given to enhance the movement toward healing. Attention is given to helping families incorporate their spiritual beliefs and walk into their healing. Although healing relationships requires hard work couples can identify the steps to take and find the results are well worth the effort they have expended. Rosalie has developed a workshop and manual for couples that she urges they attend. She also incorporates the techniques on “preventing relapse” throughout counseling. To help eliminate relapse she has a series of “tune-up” sessions available. Rosalie works on watching for new research or information that might help families receive the healing they desireth and change.

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