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Cornerstone Lifeworks Groups

Cornerstone offers many different groups as part of a whole transformation to help individuals heal and restore with others. We believe that this life was not intended to be done alone and at the core of this is a closer relationship with our Creator.

As part of Cornerstone’s mission to serve the community, we have ongoing and regularly changing groups both inperson or via TeleHealth. We accept most isurances for groups. Please contact our office to register and enroll.




Currently offering our Men's & Women's IOP Trauma based group. This setting is intended to enhance an individual's ongoing therapy.

Redeeming Love for Teen Girls


Designed towards young women who have experienced broken, romantic relationships. Members will learn the importance of developing healthy boundaries within relationships.

Postpardum Support


Perinatal mood & anxiety disorders (PMADs) are temporary & can be treated with a combination of self-care, social support, talk therapy and medication if necessary.

Cannabis Use Disorder


For individuals using medical marijuana for the treatment of their PTSD and experiencing a negative impact in their daily living function. This is for people that want support and a healthy, clean way forward in their lives.

Boys To Men


This group is designed for boys to develop a stronger sense of self, the importance of developing healthy boundaries, building social skills, and greater awareness of the many feelings and emotions that arise in life.

An Overlooked Community


This group is designed for the signficant other/caregiver of someone that is living with and involved in the daily lives of someone afflicted & working through their mental illness. Best practices of how to support & care for you too!