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How To Pray When You Don't Know What To Pray

Detoxing Your Mind

Dr. Caroline Leaf is a world-renowned cognitive neuroscientist, author, and speaker. In this interview, she reveals how to practically stop toxic thoughts and rewrite the way we think.

3:18 - We have so much more control over our brains than we’re told.

5:56 - We often say Christian “stock phrases” without realizing that they could be negatively affecting us.

17:14 - What does “take every thought captive” really mean in relation to our brains?

25:30 - Once you’ve spoken about an issue, it starts losing its power.

33:30 - Technology has deeply affected our minds, but there are practical ways to change the way we think.

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Loving on Purpose

Loving On Purpose builds powerful people. People who choose love over fear. People who strengthen and protect quality relational connections. They are passionate about equipping people to create a powerful relational legacy for future generations in their homes, organizations, and communities.

"Sheri and I had 15 rough years of marriage before we finally gained the skills and tools to turn things around and build the connection and family we always hoped for. Our journey has strengthened us to be able to give hope, healing, and skills to any relationship that is hurting or thriving. Loving On Purpose is our vehicle for exporting these tools to people around the world." - Danny Silk

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Keep Your Love On: Connection Communication And Boundaries

Keep Your Love On Quotes

“Yes, it’s vulnerable and scary to keep your love on toward someone who has become a perceived threat—you cannot guarantee what he or she is going to do. But you can guarantee your own choice. And you can always choose connection.”

Danny Silk, Keep Your Love On

“make an agreement to exercise mutual control over each other. The unspoken pact between them is, “It’s my job to make you happy, and your job to make me happy. And the best way to get you to work on my life is to act miserable. The more miserable I am, the more you will have to try to make me feel better.” Powerless people use various tactics, such as getting upset, withdrawing, nagging, ridiculing, pouting, crying, or getting angry, to pressure, manipulate, and punish one another into keeping this pact. However, this ongoing power play does nothing to make them happy and mitigate their anxiety in the long term. In fact, their anxiety only escalates by continually affirming that they are not actually powerful. Any sense of love and safety they feel by gaining or surrendering control is tenuous and fleeting. A relational bond built on mutual control simply cannot produce anything remotely like safety, love, or trust. It can only produce more fear, pain, distrust, punishment, and misery. And when taken to an extreme, it produces things like domestic violence.”

Danny Silk, Keep Your Love On: Connection Communication And Boundaries

“In a respectful relationship, each person understands, “I am responsible to know what is going on inside me and communicate it to you. I do not expect you to know it, nor will I allow you to assume that you know it. And I will not make assumptions about what is going on inside you.”

Danny Silk, Keep Your Love On: Connection Communication And Boundaries

“Powerful people do not try to control other people. They know it doesn’t work, and that it’s not their job. Their job is to control themselves.”

Danny Silk, Keep Your Love On

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